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Our program is called the Planned Giving Plus program. The plus is because unlike other planned giving programs that cost money upfront in order to solicit planned gifts, our program both solicits planned gifts and raises funds for the nonprofit.


Nonprofits need help with fundraising more than ever. Due to changes in the tax law in 2017 which doubled the standard deduction, which led to fewer people itemizing their taxes. This, in turn, led to fewer charitable gifts as there was less of a tax benefit for doing so if not itemizing. From the article Charitable Giving Took A Hit Due To Tax Reform in Forbes:

"Charities feared that the 2017 tax law would lead to a drop in charitable giving by individuals. The chief reason: the doubling of the standard deduction (to $24,000 for married couples filing jointly) would mean it wouldn’t pay for many to itemize on their 2018 tax returns, and without a charitable contribution deduction, they’d be less inclined to give. New data shows the fear seems to have been proven out."

"Donors reported that in the past year they had been asked to give via diverse channels. The most reported solicitation channels were through direct mail (49 percent), by phone solicitors (36 percent), via television advertisements (35 percent), by their church (33 percent), and through email requests (32 percent). The least reported solicitation methods were through participation in a fundraising event (14 percent), via crowdfunding (10 percent), and to establish bequests (4 percent). Seven percent of respondents reported not having been solicited through any of the listed channels."

Clearly, when it comes to soliciting supporters, fundraisers are underutilized, especially those with a focus on bequests.


People Need Wills

According to AARP over 60% of Americans don't have a will. If you add the people who have old, out of date wills you are probably looking at over 75% of Americans.

Less than 6% of Americans leave a charitable bequest at death so that means if your supporters are twice as charitable as average then still 7 out of 8 of them do not have you in their wills!


Helpful Charts







What this slide shows is that even a nonprofit's active supporters are extremely likely to die without making a charitable gift on their wills(88-90%). Helping their supporters get wills will have a dramatic effect on the nonprofit's bequests.


You can tell your prospective nonprofit clients that statistically giving tends to dramatically increase AFTER a charitable beneficiary has been added to a will.




Why Do Less Than 6%of People Leave Bequests?

"Previous research has shown that the number one reason people say they don't make a bequest is that they weren't asked." One of the great things about the Planned Giving Plus program is that we ask supporters while they are making their wills if they want to make a bequest to the sponsoring nonprofit.


Free Planned Giving Websites for Nonprofits

You can offer your nonprofit clients a free planned giving website from A planned giving website can help your nonprofits clearly communicate the benefit of planned giving to their supporters. These types of websites typically sell for hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. The two largest vendors of planned giving websites are and You can see the templates available for your nonprofits to select from here:

As you'll be able to see the website we can offer is every bit as nice as what the main two vendors offer except that our is free with the Planned Giving Plus program.

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